About the Producer & Playwright

The Man Behind the Production


Mr. Marshall Opie earned his B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Civil Engineering from Howard University. While at Howard, Mr. Opie had a vision of what would one day become Roll On! A Gospel Musical. To nurture that musical seed, he founded ROLL ON Productions, LLC (ROLL ON), a literary and performing arts company dedicated to staging critical theatrical works that proclaim the message of reconciliation. Mr. Opie earned his MFA in Playwriting from Hollins University. He has written and directed numerous plays including Roll On!, a Gospel drama.  In conjunction with DASU Productions and the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, ROLL ON is proud to present the premiere of Roll On! A Gospel Musical. With the help of his wife, Margaret, ROLL ON is engineered to develop and promote excellent works of art, fostering love in the community.

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